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March 2023 Letter to Volunteers

Dear Aunt Dot’s Volunteers,

You are amazing and do such a wonderful job. Please remember when you care for others, to also take time to take care of yourself.

Did you see the thank-you note from a client on our Facebook page? You are appreciated by our board, staff, and the people who receive our services. Some of you work with clients and some behind the scenes but you are all important.

At our March board meeting, the board voted to begin an outreach to the Essex Westford School district. We are hoping to visit each school, bring our brochures, and brainstorm with principals about how we can better serve their students. One idea we are proposing is to supply each school with a few backpacks that contain an emergency supply of food that a student could bring home. Each backpack would also have our brochure so that the family can learn about us and come to receive food. We are just in the beginning stages of this project, but if this takes off, we will need a few volunteers to pack the backpacks and collect the backpacks to refill them as needed. If you are interested in volunteering for this or have suggestions, please email us at

The board has revised the Mission Statement of Aunt Dot’s Place. It now reads:  We are a community of volunteers who will provide a safe and welcoming place where individuals and families from Essex, Essex Junction, Jericho, Underhill, and Westford can obtain help with food, personal care items, and community resource guidance with the assurance of being treated with dignity and respect.

Thank you for your ideas on the Vision Statement. The board chose two vision statements, from the list of vision statements that were shared with us, for you to vote on. You will receive an email, with instructions on how to vote. The statement with the most votes will be Aunt Dot’s Place’s Vision Statement.

On April 1 and April 2nd, Vermont Youth Dancers are performing at Essex High School. They have graciously invited us to have a table in the lobby, to showcase our organization at their three shows. 

February 2023

Purchased food – $9615.00

Weight of Purchase Food – 4,482 pounds

Donations from Organizations

  • Essex Alliance – 916 pounds
  • Grace United Church – 30 pounds
  • Nest Bakery – 6 pounds
  • Pinecrest Senior Center – 157 pounds
  • Poorhouse Pies – 56 pounds
  • Price Chopper Bin – 362 pounds

Donations from Grocery Stores

  • Costco – 771 pounds
  • Hannaford – 1516 pounds
  • Pepperidge Farm – 82 pounds
  • Trader Joe’s – 976 pounds
  • West Meadow Bakery 17 pounds

One final thought, the temporary boost to SNAP benefits put in place during the Covid-19 pandemic is ending. I think the cut in benefits is about a $95.00 cut per family.  We are needed more than ever.


Sue Miyamoto

Board President