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The Hidden Problem of Hunger in Chittenden County

January 6, 2019 | by Sue Miyamoto

Hunger in Chittenden County is a hidden problem. Those who have had a financial setback by job loss, reduced work hours, divorce, or high medical costs, often don’t tell anyone of their financial struggles. They gamely work to cut expenses and pay off bills.

They are often well-dressed due to the clothes they bought when they had more money, and continue to pay the loan on their dependable car, because having a car is a necessity in our rural and suburban area, where mass transit is not available for most.

They shop sales and live frugally, but the money runs out before the month, and their food, carefully rationed, runs out too.

If you have a job, and don’t have to worry about having enough food to last the week or the month, you probably have no idea, that a neighbor may be living a very different lifestyle of want. You don’t see people begging on corners, so you assume that people in your town are not hungry.

At Aunt Dot’s Place, people in need are treated with respect. They can receive fresh vegetables, canned goods, meat, bread, cereal, eggs, and so much more. Our all volunteer staff is there with a smile and support.  Please consider how you can be part of this safety net for people just like you.