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October 2023 Letter to Volunteers

Dear Friends,

Aunt Dot’s Place has had a busy week of community outreach with two open houses and a table at Community Day on October 7th. We had 124 people approach our table to guess how many candies were in our candy jar, which was the most people to approach us at an outreach event. We had people at our open house and on Community Day inquire about volunteering, asking about when to bring food donations, and we had people who gave us monetary donations. This was definitely a successful outreach!

We have also received a lot of donations of produce lately. A woman bought produce from Maza’s for us with her EBT card. The L4 Collective gave us 160 pounds of produce this week. The fundraising committee is working hard on grant writing applications and will soon start a Dine to Donate campaign with local restaurants.When that starts, one way we can all help is publicize it directly with friends or on your Facebook page.

Upcoming Events:

  • We have applied to have a table at Pumpkin Palooza at Maple Street Park on October 28th. This is a huge event and a great opportunity to get the word out about Aunt Dot’s Place to our community. We are hoping that they will encourage people to bring donations of food, but are waiting to hear more details.
  • We will again be doing Thanksgiving Bags, which will be organized by Brandy Grattan.
  • Volunteer Appreciation Night is November 1 at 6:00 PM. I hope you all can come, and enjoy some Poorhouse Pies. We appreciate each one of you so much.
  • Our next board meeting will be November 8, at 6:00PM.  

September 2023

Purchased food- $11,619.00

Weight of Purchased food – 8380 pounds

Food Drive Donation from Camp Kiniya – 730 pounds

Donations from organizations: 

  • Bimbo Bread – 29 pounds
  • Essex Alliance – 1134 pounds
  • Grace United Methodist – 69 pounds
  • Pepperidge Farm – 84 pounds
  • Poorhouse Pies – 84 pounds

Donations from Grocery Stores

  • Costco – 2326 pounds
  • Hannaford – 1875 pounds
  • Trader Joe’s – 1293


Sue Miyamoto

Board President