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Annual Meeting Update & Past-President Note

Dear Aunt Dot’s Place Volunteers,

Thank you to everyone who was able to join us for the annual meeting earlier this week.

My term as a Board Member was up for reappointment; however, I am unable to serve our community in the capacity that being a Board Member demands. Due to commitments to my family and employer, and recently becoming a full-time Doctoral student, I made the decision not to run for another term.

Annual Meeting attendees appointed the following Board Members:

·         Frank White
·         Julie Anderson
·         Max Seaton (Second Term)
·         Tara Amaoto

The Board of Directors appointed the following officer positions for the 2023 calendar year:

President: Sue Miyamoto
Vice President: Frank White
Secretary: Amy Boudreaux
Treasurer: Jennifer Lovell
Assistant Treasurer: Anna Cadmus
Member: Max Seaton
Member: Richard Hoskings
Member: Tara Amato
Member: Julie Anderson

I want to congratulate incoming President Sue Miyamoto and Vice President Frank White. They are incredible volunteers, and the organization is in strong, capable, and caring hands going forward.

My sincerest thanks to outgoing Board Members Betsy Wilder and Brandy Grattan, as well as Amy Boudreaux, Max Seaton, Anna Cadmus, Jennifer Lovell, Richard Hoskings, and Sue Miyamoto for their incredible professional engagement and service. I have a tremendous amount of gratitude for all we have accomplished together this past year.

I end my term by thanking every volunteer for their hard work and loyalty to serving our community. Volunteers truly are the heart of Aunt Dot’s Place. Thank you for the opportunity to serve on the Board of Directors; it has been an honor.

With sincere gratitude,

Carissa A. Gump, OLY, MPA
Aunt Dot’s Place, Past President/Board Member