Garage Sale Bonanza Earns Needed Dollars

October 2, 2019 | by Sue Miyamoto

Have you ever wondered how Aunt Dot’s Place can keep the doors open and  our shelves stocked with food for our neighbors who struggle with food insecurity? Since money doesn’t grow on trees, how do we do it? 

The answer is constant fundraising and generous donations.

Aunt Dot’s garage sale happened because people give items for the sale and volunteers plan it, advertise it, organize it, and man the tables. The result, this past week, was that $2,157.55 was raised to help pay the bill for food that we purchase.  

Generous donations of produce come from local grocery stores, which volunteers pick up and sort. Local businesses donate items and or services. 

Individuals or businesses do food drives. Two sisters did a food drive in their neighborhood once and brought in over 800 pounds of food. Could you do a food drive? If you do, we will come and pick it up for you. 

Right now, we need cereal, soups, kidney beans, black beans, paper towels and toilet paper, snacks, and spices. How can you help? Purchase an item or two to put in our collection box at Hannaford or Price Chopper, or send in a donation, and our volunteers will search for sales to make your monetary donation is used wisely. What can you do for others this month?