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Not all Super Heroes Wear Capes

October 23, 2018 | by Sue Miyamoto

When I was a child, I read comics and was fascinated by Superman. I wanted to leap tall buildings, run faster than a locomotive, stop bullets, fly into outer space, catch the bad guys, and rescue people. Super heroes ignite out imagination with their amazing abilities, but even more than that, super heroes inspires us to use our gifts to help others.

Fortunately, to be a community super hero, doesn’t take super strength or amazing abilities. Mostly it takes kindness and empathy, and a willingness to get involved, which isn’t easy in our busy lives. All the volunteers at Aunt Dot’s Place are super heroes. Some are Board Members and others chair committees. Some pick up groceries from local grocery stores. Some lead food drives, and others sort the food that comes in.  Others throw out rotten potatoes and other veggies that go bad, so there is room for the new veggies.

Some are postal workers that pick up food, and others sign up each month to work with clients.  Others give monthy donations so that the rent is paid and we have money for the Food Bank bill. None of the workers at Aunt Dot’s Place are paid, at least not in money. But as Chris Hemsworth who plays Thor has said “Being a superhero is a lot of fun.”