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August 2022 Update

Dear Aunt Dot’s Place Volunteers,

I am continuously overwhelmed by what a wonderful town we live in. Our community embodies generosity not only in their time but also through financial contributions. This is humbling and inspiring, and it speaks volumes of the kindness and compassion instilled in our community. Your commitment to Aunt Dot’s Place ensures our community members do not go hungry. Thank you for ALL you do! 

I want to personally thank all of our Shift Leaders, Greeters, and Shoppers for their patience over the past month as we transition to a ‘hybrid’ model of shopping (client in-person shopping/clients remaining in their cars). Last month we made the shift to the ‘hybrid’ model and started verifying client registrations. Implementing these changes simultaneously was challenging, however, we learned from each shift and made improvements for future shifts. I appreciate your patience as adapting to change is not always easy. 

Mask Update: *SAME AS LAST MONTH* Masks must continue to be worn during open shop hours (Tuesday 6 pm-7:30 pm, Thursday 9 am-11 am, and Saturday 10 am-12 pm). If you are at Aunt Dot’s Place for other purposes other than open shop hours, masks are optional as we are not confined to the smaller areas and move more freely throughout the facility while stocking/sorting/labeling. 

Food Report: 

  • Essex Alliance Church: 1245 lbs *This is a record-breaking donation amount for EAC!
  • Founders/ EMS: 7 lbs
    Girl Scouts: 58 lbs
  • Grace United Methodist Church: 28 lbs
  • Mark B.B.Q.: 119 lbs          
  • National Night Out:  111 lbs
  • Poorhouse Pies: 47 lbs
  • Price Chopper Donation Bin: 411 lbs          
  • Tuberville: 139 lbs
  • Unknown/Anonymous Donations: 1291 lbs
    •  Donations Total: 3,456 lbs

August 2022 Food Purchased: $9,469 

August 2022 Weight of Food Purchased: 5,723 pounds 

2022 Calendar Year Amount of Food Purchased: $65,732 

2022 Calendar Year Weight of Food Purchased: 46,785 pounds
Number of Active Households served: 168 (previous month 171)
Number of Active Household Members served: 453 (previous month 486)

Indoor Shoppers: 53% of clients

Outside Shoppers (remained in their car): 47% of clients 

Additionally, we would like to thank the following local stores for their continued donations: Bimbo Bread, Costco, Hannaford, Mark BBQ, Pepperidge Farm, Poor House Pies, Trader Joe’s, and West Meadow Bakery.

Friendly Reminder: 

  • Monthly Board meetings occur on the 1st Wednesday of the month from 7 pm-8:30 pm. All are welcome to attend! The next meeting will occur on October 5, 2022, we hope you are able to join us.

With Gratitude,

Carissa A. Gump, OLY, MPA

Aunt Dot’s Place, Board President